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Big STEM Challenge 2021

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Supported by staff, students and alumni from Oxford and Imperial

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The Challenge

We are inviting you to take part in the Little STEMs Big STEM Challenge for Science Week from Monday 8th to Friday 26th March. 


It will be based around different topics related to health and well being - such as sugar, fats and exercise, viruses and the body, screens, social media and the brain.


Each day there will be 3 tasks to complete:-


WATCH a 10 minute video and complete an accompanying challenge. These will be in the form of a worksheet for the children to complete individually.

DO one related Science experiment with your class. Instruction sheet provided.

Excited Children in Science Class

COMPLETE the ideas challenge as a class group or in small groups. You need nothing more than paper and pens. The ideas challenge is about asking the children to come with solutions for the day's challenge, for example 'think of a way to help children excercise more.'  The children could present their ideas to the class if placed in groups which could then be recorded, photographed or an audio recording taken.

SEND in evidence of the completed tasks including photos of completed worksheets and experiments each day by 5pm to info@littlestems.london

WIN! On Monday 29th March we will announce the winning class and school, who will win a wonderful prize (to be confirmed).  We will send you certificates so that all participating children can receive one.

How to sign up -

Please access to the resources for the week below. There are no live sessions so teachers can arrange the days as they see fit.

Resources below
Teacher Resources

1. Show your class the video for the day

2. Print the out accompanying worksheet related to the video for the class

3. Try the Science experiment

4. Together with the class or divided into groups ask the children to write their ideas for the 'ideas challenge' on a large piece of paper and then present their great ideas at the end.

5. Email pictures, recordings, videos to info@littlestems.london use WeTransfer/Google Drive for large files by 5pm on the day.