The team prepare for the children

4 forces

Visual aids for the 4 forces in flight!

EPP Plane

The children were so excited to receive their own model plane

Air force 4

Beautifully designed

Taking flight

It is not just pretty it can fly!


Climbing higher and higher

Is it a bird

Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Yes but one designed by a Little Engineer

Wing design

Part of wing design module

Wing and tail designs

Planes designed with style and substance

Elastic band power

Wow, how well is that elastic band powered plane flying

Fighter jet

One of our little engineers made a fighter jet with anhedral wings.

More wing designs

The creativity of children is amazing!

Penalty Planes

Have you ever played 'penalty shoot outs' with planes? We have!

Stunt plane

This plane did a loop the loop

Pretty Plane

Pretty paper planes that fly well and look good!

Fight jet

Another well made fighter jet

Designers at work

Paint it, draw it, fly it!

Plane ready

Check this one out!

Working hard

Don't stop me now, you cannot rush a creative mind!

Paper plane with tails

Making unusual paper planes with tails

High flyer

Did you see how high that one flew?

Rc plane

Just about to lift off

Rc plane 2

Remote control plane being flown by children - supervised of course!

RC plane

Taking to the air

Lots of paper

A pile of well flown planes