Little STEMs Interactive Online Session trial


Dear Friends,


As you know Little STEMs is passionate about ‘growing little minds into great ones’ especially those from underrepresented, minority ethnic and disadvantaged backgrounds.  Like for many of you, the current situation threatens to halt our work for an indefinite period of time. However we have been considering some potential opportunities that would not be without teething problems, but may be possible with your generous assistance.  We are considering hosting online interactive sessions with the students from the schools we work with. As well as their lack of exposure to enrichment STEM, they are now lacking meaningful interaction as well paralysis from too much choice online. We can continue to work with our schools to promote these sessions directly to parents through the schools, who they of course, trust.


We are looking to find STEM volunteers/ambassadors who can deliver a 20 minute online session about something STEM related.  It would be great to have things like:-

  • What you didn’t know about your washing machine

  • Science of making bubbles with washing up liquid

  • Basic coding with a robot and the children send instructions into the live chat and see their instructions work ‘live’

  • Household Maths perhaps with baking

  • Exciting experiments using everyday household items

  • Engineering projects with materials like loo rolls, cereal boxes etc

  • Any ideas are most welcome!


We would host, sort out the software, audience etc and invite you on as a virtual presenter.  All you need is a laptop with camera, your equipment and a very engaging presentation/personality!


If you are interested please fill in your details here and we will contact you with further details.